Taiwan stands with the United States

By On April 14, 2018

Taiwan stands with the United States

Commuters in Taipei on Thursday. (Ritchie B. Tongo/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

The April 10 World article “Taiwan fears getting trampled in U.S.-China fight” and Fred Hiatt’s April 9 op-ed, “A parting call to action,” revealed that imminent threats from repressive systems to free and open societies, such as Taiwan and other like-minded democracies around the world, raise a serious concern over “sharp power” behaviors and influence operations.

Just when it seems that authoritarian and autocratic regimes may be able to get away with appalling acts to undermine the global development of political and economic freedom, human rights and civil liberties, Taiwan, proudly standing as “a vital partner, a democratic success story, and a force for good in the world,” as the State Department reiterated recently, is ready to work with the United States in defending the universal values we so cherish.

Based on the firm groundwork and staunch commitment that the Taiwan Relations Act has laid and the steadfast adherence to it by successive U.S. administrations, Taiwan has been able to maintain its vibrant and competitive democratic system. The 23 million people in Taiwan are grateful, and we will continue to stand alongside the United States in promoting these shared core values in the Indo- ­Pacific region, because we know very well that no one can take democracy and freedom for granted.

The writer is the Taiwan representative to the
Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative
Office in the United States.

Source: Google News T aiwan | Netizen 24 Taiwan

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