Taiwan's 'garden in the sky' ready for residents soon

By On June 17, 2018

Taiwan's 'garden in the sky' ready for residents soon

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Tao Zhu Yin Yuan, a 21-storey luxury apartment building in Taipei, Taiwan, designed by Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut, twists to allow all apartments to get sunshine. There will also be more than 25,000 trees and shrubs in the hallways and balconies. Construction of the building began in September 2013 and is scheduled to be completed late this year. There are two apartments and seven lifts â€" including two lifts to drive cars right into one’s home â€" on each floor, with each unit selling for about NT$1 billion (S$44.8 million), making them among the most expensive apartments in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Source: Google News Taiwan | Netizen 24 Taiwan

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