Fukushima 'ambassadors' visit Taiwan school to offer thanks for 3/11 aid

By On July 28, 2018

Fukushima 'ambassadors' visit Taiwan school to offer thanks for 3/11 aid

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TAIPEI â€" Three students from Fukushima Prefecture visited a junior high school in Taipei to offer thanks for Taiwan’s reconstruction support after the March 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis.

The three junior high and high school students, acting as “reconstruction ambassadors,” called on the Taiwanese students Friday to visit their prefecture and explained how much progress had been made.

Taiwan donated about ¥20 billion to areas contaminated by the triple core meltdown at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.

The Japanese students handed a personal letter from Masayuki Takahashi, head of newspaper publisher Fukushima -Minpo Co., to the Taiwanese school’s principal. The company is promoting the activities of the reconstruction ambassadors.

In his letter, Takahashi thanked Taiwan for its aid and mourned victims of the powerful earthquake that hit eastern Taiwan in February.

The Japanese students presented their hosts with okiagari-koboshi dolls, which are viewed as a symbol of reconstruction because they spring back up each time they are knocked down.

The Taiwanese students presented their counterparts with gifts including handwritten messages of encouragement.

Before the trip, the three paid a visit to areas damaged by the February earthquake.


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Source: Google News Taiwan | Netizen 24 Taiwan

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