Typhoon Maria to threaten lives and property on Japan's Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan, eastern China this week

By On July 07, 2018

Typhoon Maria to threaten lives and property on Japan's Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan, eastern China this week

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Typhoon Maria to threaten lives and property on Japan’s Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan, eastern China this week
By Kristina Pydynowski, AccuWeather senior meteorologist
By Adam Douty, AccuWeather senior meteorologist
July 07, 2018, 3:46:34 PM EDT

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Maria is expected to threaten lives and property when it barrels across Japan’s Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan and eastern China as a dangerous typhoon Tuesday through Thursday.

Maria will remain a powerful typhoon through the beginning of the week as it churns northwestward over the Philippine Sea. No land masses will be directly affected, but dangerous seas being stirred can force ships to alter their courses. Delays in shipments may result.

Residents and visitors in Maria’s path should now make necessary preparations and heed any evacuation order s.

Lives and property will be threatened when Maria plows through Japan’s Ryukyu Islands on Tuesday (local time) before tracking past Taiwan and making landfall in eastern China on Wednesday.

Maria track 7/7

The exact track of Maria will determine which areas face the worst of its destructive winds, storm surge flooding, torrential rain and isolated tornadoes.

"Maria's excessive rainfall can lead to significant flooding," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alan Reppert said. "Mudslides are a serious concern in the higher terrain."

Maria is anticipated to pass dangerously close or make a direct hit on one of the southern Ryukyu Islands with its strength equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane in the eastern Pacific or Atlantic oceans.

The southern Ryukyu Islands, the Miyako Islands are inline to feel the full brunt of what Maria has to offer during the day on Tuesday.

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The strength of Maria’s winds when it lashes the Ryukyu Islands can severely damage well-built framed homes and rip many roofs off buildings. Widespread downed trees and power poles can leave the area without power for weeks. Some areas may become inaccessible where debris clogs roads.

Being out during the height of the storm will be extremely dangerous as flying projectiles can cause injury or death.

Flooding rain will accompany the destructive winds, while dangerously large waves can severely flood and devastate homes and communities along the immediate coast. Waves can be as high as 12 meters (40 feet) around Maria’s center as the typhoon barrels through the Ryukyu Islands.

impacts 2

After lashing the Ryukyu Islands, Maria is expected to pass by the tip of northern Taiwan from Tuesday night into Wednesday. While the typhoon may not make landfa ll on the island, it is expected to be close enough to bring impacts to the nation.

"The northern part of Taiwan should be spared the worst impacts from Maria, but we will have to continue to monitor the track for signs of a more southward path," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dave Houk said.

Rain and wind could be enough to cause significant transportation delays in Taipei and surrounding communities. There may be isolated flooding and power outages.

Maria is expected to make landfall in eastern China at midweek. Northern Fujian and southern Zhejiang Provinces can bear the brunt of Maria’s fury.

Flooding rain and destructive winds can lash the eastern Chinese cities of Wenzhou, Fuzhou and Ningde. The worst of conditions will pass to the south of Shanghai, though outer bands of the storm can bring squally showers on Wednesday.

More lives and property will be threatened where Maria’s winds drive the ocean’s water onshore near and nort h of where the typhoon makes landfall. Severe storm surge flooding can result, potentially around Hangzhou, Sandmen and Taizhou bays.

"Flooding rains may expand farther to the west and northwest in China Wednesday night and Thursday even as the powerful winds start to slacken," Houk said.

Areas as far inland such as northern Jiangxi, Anhui and Hubei could see flooding downpours later in the week as Maria continues to track northwestward.

All residents and visitors in the path of Maria are urged to stock up on essential nonperishable food, medicine and items needed to protect your home and business from wind damage. Keep gas tanks and cans filled and cell phones fully charged.

Evacuation routes should be reviewed. Be sure to follow the advice of local government and heed any evacuation orders in the coming days.

While the name was retired in the Atlantic Ocean after the devastation Puerto Rico endured in 2017, Maria can still be used in the we stern Pacific Ocean as every tropical basin in the world has its own unique list.

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